My graphics and mini films inspired by vintage artworks.

Tripin’ Flower Designs
Graphic Designer

I’m a Japanese multi-media designer from Kobe working in graphics, animation,  graffiti, music, scriptwriting and web design. Since childhood I have been inspired by American comics and films. I traveled across the USA working as a vintage clothes buyer for a Japanese clothes shop. My recent work reflects my passion for vintage sci-fi movies, music and culture but reflected through the contemporary medium of computer based graphic design. My work is for music event flyers and promotional material for restaurants, shops and fashion events in Kobe. In 2017, I held my first solo show in my local neighbor hood.

My latest work continues exploring my love of the imagery and narratives of the science fiction and noir genres.

Latest Exhibition

2019.6  SBC Art Studio “Coperus 55 kids day” – Brooklyn, NY US
2018.9  US Exhibition Tour – Luxe de Ville – Los Angeles, CA US
2018.9  SBC Art Studio “1st Anniversary Party” – Brooklyn, NY US
2018.9  US Exhibition Tour – SBC Art Studio – Brooklyn, NY US
2018.8  2nd Exhibition – bucato cafe – Kobe, Japan
2017.2  1st Exhibition – bucato cafe – Kobe, Japan